Little known figures with big impact, bringing the personalities of Jewish History to life. 

Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich, a noted scholar and historian who studied at some of the most prestigious Torah institutions (Torah Vadaath, Mir, Ponevzn, Brisk) and received his Ph.D. from NYU, has thoughtfully researched the lives and personalities of who have shaped Talmudic discourse for centuries. 

By contextualizing the people and events which have influenced Jewish life throughout time, we hope to give you a more experiential narrative of Jewish History and the personalities who helped form it. 

Composed from the collective writings of HaRav Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

The Rash or Count of Sens Rav Shimshon Ben Avraham of Sens

Rebbe Shimshon ben Avraham of Sens, known as the Rash or the Count of Sens lived in the mid-1200s and was a brother-in-law of the Rabbeinu Tam. The Rash studied under Rebbe Chaim ha-Kohen. however, his main teacher was Rebbe Yitzchok of Dampierre (known as the Elder Ri), a great-grandson of Rashi as well as the leading Tosafist in the last quarter of the 12th century. AlthoughRav Shimshon composed “Tosafot” on most of the Talmud, his commentaries to the orders of Zeraim and Taharot are the most popular and printed in the standard editions of the Talmud.

In a recently published 15th century manuscript it has come to light that the Rash of Sens made Aliya to Eretz Yisroel in 1212 with two other Tosafists where he died in 1221

Yehudah HaChasid Yehudah ben Shmuel of Regensburg

A leader of the French Jewish community who was born in modern-day Speyer in the year 1150, Yehudah HaChasid was one of the primary teachers of the SMaG, Rav Moshe of Coucy, ( the other being Rav Yehudah of Paris) as well as Isaac ben Moses of Vienna author of Or Zarua

Rav Yehudah is widely credited with writing the Sefer Hasidim which continues to be studied in yeshivot till the current day. Yehudah HaChasid died in Bavaria in the year 1215.