Little known figures with big impact, bringing the personalities of Jewish History to life. 

Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich, a noted scholar and historian who studied at some of the most prestigious Torah institutions (Torah Vadaath, Mir, Ponevzn, Brisk) and received his Ph.D. from NYU, has thoughtfully researched the lives and personalities of who have shaped Talmudic discourse for centuries. 

By contextualizing the people and events which have influenced Jewish life throughout time, we hope to give you a more experiential narrative of Jewish History and the personalities who helped form it. 

Composed from the collective writings of HaRav Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

Rav Moshe of Coucy goes to Spain

As we have spoken about in previous blogs ( attach links here) many influential rabbis traveled between France and Spain in the early medieval ages. One of the most prominent of those to transport rabbinic novella between France and Spain was Rav Moshe of Coucy (known by the acronym of his magnum opus the Safer Mitzvot HaGadol SMaG). 

The SMaG reflected upon his sojourn in Spain in his eponymous work:

“God strengthened my arms with the dreams of the Jews, the dreams of the Gentiles, and the visions of astrologists. And he bent his goodness over me(cf. Genesis 39:21;ndr) and she [Spain] trembled and became a land of great piety [cf. 1Samuel 14:15,ndr ] and they did great repentance and thousands and tens of thousands of Jews accepted upon themselves the commandments of Tefillin, mezuzot and tzitzis.”

Rav Moshe of Cousy is noted as one of the first Rishonim to critique the Rambam’s masterwork Mishneh Torah, now a primary text in Jewish liturgy.